Building the Boarder X Ramp at the WAG

Built in one day, the large skate ramp took over Eckhardt Hall, a perfect fit actually – almost as if it was meant to be there to highlight the sheer scale of the architectural space and demonstrate its potential use. This time-lapse video captures the amount of effort and expertise of the ramp builders; skateboarders from Green Apple, Sk8 Skates, and the Edge Skate Park transformed the entire space in one day. The ramp was later skated on by all the builders and members of Red Riding Media, an all Indigenous skate team in Winnipeg. It may have been built in a day, but it took months of planning and negotiating to achieve this act of performativity and engagement. Sponsorship from Vans Canada made this possible!

A BIG THANK YOU – MIIGWETCH to everyone involved!

Filmmaker: Peatr Thomas

Music: RW Smith - Might for Every Meal

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